Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hand Made Heaven

Image by Miss Addict

Etsy is one of my favourite places to internet “window” shop. I have bought a camera bag, Ipod case, Jewelry and other other assorted bits and bobs from Etsy and every single piece has been incredibly well made and gorgeous!

Etsy has quite a few ways to search for items from your basic category search, search by color, or search by location among the incredible array of options available!

Lately I have been looking at sellers based in Australia. Supporting local artists is important to me and it has the side benefit of having lower shipping costs and supporting Australias Economy.

I wanted to showcase of my favorite Etsy Shops and Pieces and I quickly realised I would have to pick one category or this post would end up extremely unwieldy. So I decided on accessories mainly because I love them!

Rainbow Revolution located in Sydney creates gorgeous hand dyed wraps, shawls, scarves and many other things in an array of colours and fabrics including silk and bamboo! Beautiful, practical and affordable.

VanillaPixie's located in Sydney is a stay-at-home Mum with three kids who still manages to make the goodies in her etsy store. She makes drop dead cute clips and headbands in a range of styles and colours. I desperately want a set of Red and Black Ladybug Dot Clips: [Link]

uniquedichroic is run by Deborah a West Australian Glass Artist. She sells Pendants, Earrings and bookmarks in a variation of styles and colours. All her glass is hand made and isn’t commercially available. Utterly gorgeous pieces, there isn’t a single piece in her store that I don’t love!

Hundredsofbuttons located in Victoria sells necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories rings and flowers made out of buttons. In a wonderful selection of colours and styles her shop sells some incredibly attractive and unique items. I personally am lusting after a Creamed Mushroom Button Necklace:[Link] She also has a blog which can be found here: [Link]

Trinketsandroses in Queensland features “One-off designs are a specialty featuring gemstones (that may possess magical powers), sterling silver, fabrics of chiffon mixed with the odd vintage find” Whimsical and striking pieces with charming descriptions. I had to read through all their descriptions! I fell in love with the Sea Love Bracelet: [Link]

Poppylane in Hobart Tasmania sells things for your wrist, neck, bags as well as journals and more. Created out of new and vintage fabrics her pieces are classy and striking. I am in love with her Padded Wrist Cuffs specifically this one: [Link]

Are there any Etsy stores you love to distraction?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

All Images are copyright to their owners at the respective stores.

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