Friday, May 8, 2009

Geek Style

Photo By Miss Addict

I have gone through a few style changes from complete tom boy (Runners, Over sized t-shirt and ratty jeans) to Gothling (black pants, black top, boots) to where I am now which is a mix between Recovering Gothling and Geek. Looking back over the changes I realised that my Geeky Style would of evolved earlier if I had known better. So I decided to put together a list of things I wish I had known years ago!

  • Iron your T-shirt.
And your jeans for that matter. While some clothes are made to be wash and wear Tshirts look a lot nicer when they have been ironed as do jeans, pants and just about anything!

  • Good Quality (aka more expensive) Jeans and Pants Fit Better as a rule.
They also don't stretch funny after two washes or fade as fast. A well fitted pair of jeans can carry you through a number of social occasions as well as Casual days at work and a good pair makes your backside look good as well!

  • Long Skirts are Awesome!
Long skirts worn with tights and boots have a comparable warmth factor to think pants and also swish very pleasingly around my legs making me feeling extra girly. They also make wearing dressy tops easier and Look pretty good with T-shirts if worn right.

  • A Pony Tail can be made stylish with a little effort
During high school I was forced to wear my hair up and this meant that I was very lazy as a result when it came to my hair. These days I try and avoid just throwing my hair up in a pony tail and ad a ribbon, clip or hair band to make it slightly more stylish.

  • Comfortable shoes Do Not have to be ugly.
While comfy attractive shoes can be harder to find than gorgeous painful ones it is possible to find comfortable shoes that don't look like Nana would wear them. Chunky Heels, Well constructed heels are one of my favourite things in the world!

  • Always be honest with yourself when buying something.
I will never buy something unless it fits perfectly but that's come with years of buying things and watching them sit in my closet unworn because I was convinced I would wear it even though it was uncomfortable when I tried it on, the colour matched nothing else I owned or it just wasn't a "me" piece. That said don't be afraid to buy something different if you fall in love with it!

  • If you are unsure about buying something ask for an opinion!
Not the shop assistant. While not all of them will lie to you some will. Ask a friend to be honest (and don't lie to them when they ask) Another shopper in the change room (I get asked a lot and will always be honest.) I personally tend to ask my Mum since she has a great Style Radar and if I look like an elephant in those pants she will tell me!

I will be adding to the Geeky Style
category on the site soon so keep a look out for Geeky Style Tips and Tricks :)

What do you wish you could tell yourself years ago? What tips do you live by these days?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

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