Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ideas for Autumn

Photos By Miss Addict

The southern hemisphere is currently in the grip of Autumn. Autumn is a great season filled with colour, crisp clean smelling air and cooling weather. So I thought I would put together some ideas on how to enjoy Autumn and prepare for Winter!

  • Go for walks and appreciate the foliage of the Season. Take photos of the particularly
    gorgeous leaves. Print a selection out and make impromptu wall art or set as the wall paper for your computer.
  • Dig out your winter wardrobe and find all the awesome things you bought last year and can now look forward to wearing.. Alternatively work out what you need and start shopping for it now so that first killer cold day doesn't catch you by surprise.
  • Wear Red/Orange/Gold clothing to match your surrounds. Or go all out and put red/gold/copper/gold streaks in your hair.
  • Enjoy the first smells of wood fire smoke drifting through the air.
  • Dry Press Leaves between heavy books and Glue to card stock and use as birthday cards.
  • Wear Extra Lip Balm and up your moisturising or exchange your evening Moisturiser for Rose Hip Oil to help combat winter dryness.
  • Make piles of leaves and jump in them like you did when you were a kid. Word of warning: You need a lot more leaves these days!
  • Lay off the bronzer and embrace a pink cheeked paler you.
  • Document Autumn. Embrace a mini photo challenge. Pick a Tree that hasn't started to turn and take a photo a day. Put together a mini slide show at the end showing the slow transformation.
  • Prepare for Winter. Lay in a stock of canned soup. Invest in thick socks, warm PJs, and warm fuzzy slippers for cold mornings.
  • Decide to combat the winter weight early and start a new exercise routine. By the time winter gets here it'll be habit and easier to start than when the wind is howling and your couch is calling your name!
  • Make yourself a hot chocolate/milo/tea/coffee and sit outside in the warm sunshine and enjoy it!
  • Be careful how hot you have your shower really hot water can damage the delicate capillariesBlane's like me start regularly taking Vitamin E now! in your face making your more than pink from the cold! If you get chill
  • Buy that TV series you love and plan to watch that when only crap things are on TV.
How are you enjoying Autumn. Are you looking forward to Winter or Dreading it?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Net Addict

More Photos from that set can be found on my Flickr Here: [Link]



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