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Web Comics Recommendations!

I love Webcomics and I Read a lot of them. There are thousands literally out there to read and choose from. Starting a webcomic is a huge commitment and there are quite a few that look promising and then stop updating at some point leaving you hanging! Like blogging updating reliably with a webcomic is one of the key factors that keep readers coming back.

There are few webcomic artists who are able to support themselves solely on the money they make from comics, most have day jobs on top of the very full on job of creating a work of art that updates weekly/bi/tri weekly or daily! The comics linked below are all updated regularly and fairly well known but if you are just getting started with webcomic
s these are a good place to start!

Questionable Content
Updated: Monday - Friday
Colour: Full Colour
Panels: 4
RSS: Full Comic

Questionable Content is created by Jeph Jacques. The first strips went online on August 1, 2003 according to his about page. Its an ongoing story about a group of friends with the core charac
ters being Martin, Faye, Dora, and Hannalore. Supporting cast includes Raven, Pennelope, Anthro PCs and a fair amount of other people who pop up on a regular basis. The strip count is up over 1300 so reading the whole archive will take you awhile but is well worth it for the back story on all the characters.

Another good reason to read the archive is so you can appreciate how much the artwork has progressed over the years. Jeph has a twitter account which can be found here: [Link] where he posts random comments, updates on how the drawing of the comic is going and the occasional drunken message. QC is my favourite webcomic and I have been reading it for a long time ( going on 5 years!) and the writing, characters and artwork still impress and make me hungry for more every time!

One more nifty thing about Questionable Content! A few of the characters have their own twitter accounts which interact with each other. I cant imagine the phenomenal amo
unt of work it takes to manage this but its extremely cool and adds a nice dimension to the characters. Collection of twitter accounts can be found here [Link]

Devils P
Updated: Monday to Friday with full comics. Saturday & Sunday with Sketches and Occasionally a full comic.
Colour: Bla
ck and White with Colour Highlights.
Panels: 4
RSS: Link Only

Jennie Brendan the creator of Devils Panties is furiously prolific with her comics, she produces Devils Panties 5 Days a week, Geebas On Parade semi regularly and Customers Suck every Monday. Devils panties is the story of Jennies life, She calls it semi autobiographical and it includes her adventures clubbing, going to comic conventions and stories about her home life (she cooks about as well as me apparently!) with occasional "famous last words" and "what not to say in the bedroom" single strips.

Jennie has a Twitter account [Link] and a youtube account [Link] with which she video blogs. Devils panties has existed since October 2001. Again the archives massive but well worth the read to get the back story on Jennie including several moves and the story of how she met her SO Will. I have been reading Devils Panties longer than QC so going on 6-7 years and I would count Jennie as one of my Heroes. Her comic is utterly awesome and when I go to the states I will be timing it so I can go to a convention and possible pounce her! Funny, Feminist, wonderfully drawn and brilliantly written!

Updated: Monday Wednesday Friday
Colour: Full Colour:
Panels: 4-5
RSS: Full Comic

Snowflakes if a new webbcomic only having been around since March of this year and was recommended to be by a friend. This webcomic has some serious Talent behind it as the Artist and Scripter have both worked on webcomics that rocked before. Created by James Ashby (story/plotting), Chris Jones(Art) and Zach Weiner(Scripting) its the tale of an Orphanage sometime in the Andes mountains its set against the back drop of never ending snow.

The art work is delicious and the characters and funny and offbeat while still being relateable Not a huge archive to read which is one of the benefits of young webcomics. The web design for this comic is great, clean and easy to navigate with the ads being non invasive which makes for a pleasant reading experience. I cant wait to see where the story goes!

Templar Arizona
Updated: Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays
Colour: Sepia Toning
Panels: Full page, panels depend on Art work
RSS Feed: Full Comic

Templar Arizona is artistically one of the most gorgeous webcomics on the net! Spike is insanely talented, her lines are so freaking clean and her colouring is incredible! The story of Templar is compelling, confusing and makes me crave updates because I want to know whats next! Her Central character is a writer named Ben though plenty of other characters fill the landscape. According to the about section of the comic Templar Arizona is
"A slice-of-life, speculative fiction comic about a fictional city and its inhabitants"
"This is a story about a town that doesn't exist, and the people who live there.
This is also the story of a guy trying to find himself, and run away from himself at the same time."

I am not sure how long with webcomic has been online but the archives are substantial and organised into chapters. We are currently in Chapter 4 with an intermission in between each chapter so it makes keeping track of where you are up to fairly easy. A gorgeous and beautiful comic with a kick arse story line and brilliant writing! Spike has a twitter account which can be found here: [Link]

Freak Angels
Updated: fridays with a 6 page episode!
Colour: Full Colour
Panels: Depends on the page
RSS Feed: First Page then link for the rest of the episode.

Freak Angels is written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield. Its gorgeous with muted colours, intricate details and Beautiful styling. Currently up to Episode 53 its an amazing read about a post apocalyptic world filled with a flooded world, steam helicopters and people with amazing powers. An interesting take on the end of the world. The characters are fantastically written from the girl who is kick arse, gorgeous and just a little bad to the guy who makes your skin crawl.

A hefty archive though worth the investment. I have been putting off buying the Books (2 are currently in print) because of lack of funds but that would be a great way to catch up on the comic as well as a worth while invention because this is a comic you are going to want to savour and I can imagine how amazing this artwork would look in print form! No twitter for either the writer or illustrator but there is an active forum to get involved in.

As I said these are just a few of the comics I read and some of the most well known. All of them have great artwork, well written stories and characters as well as being easy and a lot of fun to read!

What Webcomics do you read? Who is your favourite Artist?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

p.s: All Images are copywrite to the owners of the web comics listed!

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