About Me

Name: Miss Net Addict
Age: 23
Location: Sydney,
Obviously Miss Addict is not my real name. But it is who I am on the internet! I started this blog to chronicle my everyday life as an Internet Addict and as a way to keep myself entertained while I was unemployed for a long stretch. I try to include things such as Geeky style and Bi Weekly features like Link Love and Love and Lust Have.

I live with my Mum, Sister and 3 Cats, 3 dogs and Beta fish in the suburbs of Sydney. By day I work in an Optometrist as an Optical Dispenser  (in training)  and Customer Care Agent where I stab myself with tiny screw drivers a lot... seriously!  
I am obsessed with my iPhone. I love anything to do with the internet, and can generally be found buried on either my computer or phone reading or watching something. I draft most of my blogs of trains to and from work, twitter quite frequently, haunt other blogs, and process as much information as I humanly can.. and the last thing I do before going to sleep is generally read one last thing before finally being told to go to sleep and put the damn iPhone down!
I Love taking photos of random things and myself! 
You can follow me on twitter [Here]  or by clicking the link the side bar. Also in the side bar are links to other peoples blogs, webcomics and websites that I love. Feel free to email any questions queries or links to things you would like to add to Link Love, Love and Lust Have or the Side [Here]
Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict


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