Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Wore: On My Birthday

What I Wore: On My Birthday

Dress by: Dangerfield

Heels by: Wittner

I wore this to have dinner with my lovely friends at pancakes on the rocks. I had a lovely evening and was given more baking apparatus so expect more baking posts in the near future! 

The shoes while gorgeous were extremely painful! 

What did you do this weekend lovelies? 

Love and Obessions 

Miss Addict

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore: To Dance in the Rain (Photo Dump)

What I am wearing: 
Shorts from Jeans West
Sheer Printed Tee from Jeans West
Turquoise nail Varnish 

I really loved the photos I took while dancing in the rain for my Little Joys post so rather than waste the rest of them I figured a photo dump/outfit post was in order.

Love and Obsessions 
Miss Addict

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Joys

Miss Addict after dancing in the rain.
 I danced in the rain. I got soaking wet, took photos and looked like a total loonie. But I danced because it made me happy. 

Sometimes you have to take joy in the little things. So Go! Dance in the rain, get a slice of cake and really truly enjoy it without complaining about breaking your diet, hug your Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother and if all that fails go to a pet shop and hug a puppy! Do a good deed, paint your toe nails an eye popping colour!  Do something today that makes you happy!

Take joy where you find it, even if its fleeting! Now if you'll excuse me there is a cupcake with chocolate icing calling my name and a cat I need to pet!  

So lovelys please post the little things you find joy in below! 
Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

Friday, November 12, 2010

What I Wore: For Pancakes

Maddy Wedge Heels By Wittner 
Dior Glasses + Random Earrings 

Skinny Jeans by Neon Blonde

Was trying to show off the detail in my jeans. 

Glasses by Dior (from Work lol)  
Butterfly Earrings from Random Shop. 
These jeans are Super Comfy and fit like a second skin. These shots are not the best shots of them :( They are fantastic and I will try and get better shots of them soon cause while I gasped at the price of them (Never spent that much on jeans before) They were totally worth the price of admission! 

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

PS. I have popped my Twitter account on private. If you would like me to follow you or would like to follow me just let me know here or on twitter :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lust Have: Women Never Think

Women Never Think Dress By Uscari

I am utterly dying to have this dress! It comes in black and is utterly totally out of my price range... not to mention I have no idea where I would wear it. But its painfully gorgeous! The rest of the collection is beautiful. Someone invite me to an exclusive party so I have an excuse to buy this dress! 

Or ya know... My birthday is coming *wink wink nudge nudge*

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Specs!

I like wearing glasses, everyone in my family wears glasses and considering I work for an optometrist for a living I am well aware of how a new pair of specs can change a persons whole look and sometimes outlook! I got my old pair of glasses about a year ago (right after I started working at my job) and I get loads of compliments on them. 

Miss Addict wearing her old glasses and a top hat! 
Miss Addict in Old Glasses
I didn’t take excellent care of them and now they have a scratch on the lens and the colour is coming off a little (not that anyone but me would notice) so I decided I wanted a new pair. My first pair took me 6 weeks to choose. My new pair took me about 6 months. I wanted a really light colour as black frames just washed me out, I wanted them to be simple on the sides as I don’t like bling and I wanted them to match my face perfectly! 
A simple task it was not! I tried on at least a hundred pairs of frames, every time one of our brand reps would come in I would try on nearly everything that looked vaguely possible! 
Finally these babies came along! Lovely Dior Frames in a gorgeous champagne colour! Perfect. I ordered them on the spot! 
Miss Addict in Her New Dior Glasses

Actual colour of my new glasses
So far with my new pair I have received a lot of compliments as well which is nice.  
A couple of tips for picking glasses: 
  • If the frames looks to big/small ask if it comes in a smaller/bigger size. Most optical frames come in multiple sizes (Sunglasses usually only come in one)
  • Black washes a lot of people out!  If you like the style ask if it comes in a tortoise shell. Tortoise shell acts like a neutral, is more flattering on nearly everyone than black and is readily available in most designer frames! 
  • Don’t be overly concerned about how the frame fits when trying it on. If its to loose or slides down your nose the practice will be able to adjust the fit on most frames for you. If your not sure ask if it can be adjusted to fit as some things can be adjusted and somethings can't! 
  • Anti Reflective/Multi coatings are worth the extra cost! . They allow the light to pass through the lens which is what makes it way easier to see your eyes. It is more attractive and more comfortable to wear. If you look at my photos you can barely (if at all) see my lenses! 
  • I am always honest with customers about whether I think a frame suits them, and I spend a lot of time everyday helping people pick frames. However not every Customer Service Rep is going to be as honest. If you think they are just trying to get you to buy the frame come back with a friend. 
  • Try on anything that you like the look of, even if its super different to what you already have. You might look silly or it might look fantastic! You never know til you try them on!

  • Please do not say “You are going to hate me” or “Im really fussy about my glasses” Everyone is! If I had a dollar for every customer who said this to me I would be rather well off! 
Finally I had a little old lady tell me that “Picking glasses is like picking a new nose!” By which she meant Glasses are like feature of your face just like your nose so you want to get something that suits you, looks good, is comfy and that you can live with seeing everyday! 

Love and Obsessions,

Miss Addict

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcake with Chocolate Spiderweb

So I attempted baking again, this happens every 6 months or so with varying results. It is usually for an event of some sort like a birthday or a party. This time it was for a halloween party. I had so much fun making the spider webs for these! 
Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Coloured vanilla icing and Chocolate Spider web decorations. 
The cupcakes are from packet mix, the icing is your standard Butter, Icing Mix and Milk affair. The spider webs however took some doing (but were no where near as hard as I thought!)
I used this template which I found via Amazing Moms Blog and followed her instructions. I did use dark chocolate rather than white and I piped my icing on using a star tip. There are a lot of amazing tutorials on youtube on how to pipe icing I discovered and its no where near as hard as it looks! 
Couple of things, it pipes better once is a bit cooler (e.i not burning your fingers hot and running out the end of the bag) Perfect spiderwebs are not a requirement in fact they look better once dry a little blobby as seem above! 
But once completed taste awesome! Baked anything cool/yummy/fun lately lovelies? 

Love and Obsessions 

Miss Addict


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