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What to Wear To a Job Interview.

Job interviews can be extremely nerve wracking. You have to concentrate on saying the right things, not saying the wrong things, being polite, friendly and not to laugh like a hyena because your so nervous... or is that one just me?
Presenting yourself at your best at a job interview is a paramount. You want these people to like you and hopefully employ you. Having attended a fair few job interviews lately (if you read my twitter you know I'm job hunting) I have seen a lot of girls wearing exactly the same thing.

Black Skirt, White Shirt, Black Pumps, Nude Stockings and Simple Jewelry. This is what 90% of advice sites will tell you to wear to an interview.

I personally think that especially in this job climate standing out a little and having some style cant hurt your chances of being remembered. I'm not talking about wearing fluro fish nets or latex boots however adding to an outfit with accessories and colour means you can keep to the "office" look while not looking like a clone :)

All the looks below I would wear to an interview personally. I used a white shirt and Black skirt as a base to work from to keep is classically interview like.

Red! Red is a powerful colour. It projects passion courage strength power warmth and generosity. However it can also portray sex violence aggression and danger so its best to used with care. I prefer red worn as accessories and possibly your lipstick as opposed to the main part of my outfit. Wear red to interviews where you want a confidence boost, if your going for a high powered position or if you want to command attention.

Teal. Teal is considered a calming, emotional healing, protection, refreshing, sophisticated colour. It mixes well with Pink and Purple. Again I have used it as an accessory with gold as a secondary colour to add a little warmth to the look. Good if you want to feel calm, and are going for a role that will need a cool head and well thought out actions. Wear to an interview to help calm your nerves.


Tan can imply sophistication, neatness and is thought to be linked to practicality, longevity and hard work. This look if a very classic look, A good outfit to wear to job in a conservative company or if you want to appear responsible as well as down to earth. Make yourself feel a little more confident by instead of wearing tights wear a garter belt. They wont know its there but you will.

Other Useful Hints for job interviews:

  • Plan what you are going to wear the night before and make sure its already ironed and ready to go.
  • If you are driving there print directions/maps and addresses and put in your bag, do the same thing with train/bus times and make sure you have the interviewers phone number in case of any mishaps.
  • Take a copy of your resume with you just in case they dont have one there to refer to.
  • Research the company you are interviewing with whether it be a Job Finding Agency or the actual company itself. See if the company website has a profile of the Management team and read up on the company philosophy, what they do and if they are good at it. This way you have some idea of the environment you are walking into during an interview.
  • Always arrive 5 minutes early but no more. Being early shows enthusiasm and makes a good impression but being too early can make you an inconvenience to the interviewer.
  • Introduce yourself to the interviewer and be the one to initiate the handshake. It makes you seem confident and sets a good tone for the interview.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions about the role, Including who you would answer to and what a typical day in the job is like. Also ask whether the person leaving the role will be around to show you the ropes and ask why they are leaving as it gives you some idea of how your first day could be like.
  • Be positive about your last role (even if you loathed it) when they asked why you left be honest to an extent. If you left because you hated say you outgrew the role rather than that you got bored/hated every minute of it.
  • Look up typical interview questions and have answers ready in your mind. If you have a gap on your resume make sure you know how you are going to explain that rather than being caught out.
  • At the end of the interview if you are definitely not interested in the role say so. This saves them from adding you to the short list and calling you for a job you don't want and means if they have any other roles you might be suited for you have left a good impression by not wasting their time.

Any Hints Tips or Tricks you use to keep yourself calm and confident for interviews? What do you wear to interviews?

Love, Obsessions and Good Hunting.
Miss Addict

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