Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kissable Lips

Photo By: snowkei

Kissing is one of the most fun things you can do with another person. Kisses can be intimate, fun, sweet and sexy. The first kiss can make or break a date. Have you ever kissed someone who was sloopy, who drooled or tried to lick your tonsils or mauled your tongue? Not Fun!

Kissing starts with the lips. Soft smooth lips on that certain someone beg you to plant a kiss on them. One of the things I tend to find attractive in people is soft supple lips. Dry Flakey or chapped lips do not a good kiss make. You can have impecable kissing technique but if your lips are grossing them out they are never going to find out!

Many girls wear lip gloss. I love me some high shine gloss however Gloss can be both an asset or a potential liability when it comes to smooching. Smooth tasty lip gloss can make a kiss yummy but when it ends up smeared all over your partner they might not be appriecative . If you gloss is sticky or tacky then the iss can go from yum to gross pretty quick not to mention the danger of your hair sticking to your mouth.. not cool!

I have alot of lip gloss. My Favourite currently is Plump Lip Colour By Bloom in Lottie Le Brock (Rasberry Pink) Its the one lying down in the piccie above.
Lip stick add a deeper colour than gloss and have alot more staying power if applied correctly however it does carry the chance of smearing making you look like a clown and those permanent lip sticks that dont move scare the bejeezuz out of me! I mean honestly whats in those! Not to mention the old lip stick on the teeth debarcle...

I dont wear alot of lip stick and currently own not a single one (must fix this) I really like the look of the Mineral Power
lip colour by Maybelline NY pictured above. Not to heavy and mineral powder means its less likely to have horrid things in it like lead!
Lip & Cheek Stain

Lip Stains are a great way to add some colour that wont smear or transfer but if you are like me and tend to lick your lips it disappears fast and doesnt protect against wind burn or chapping. I like wearing the Body Shops Lip and Cheek Stain.
Star Fruits Pink GrapefruitEssential
Which brings us to balms. I love Balms especially those that add some gloss colour and yummy flavour. My favourite at the moment is Nivea Star Fruits in Pink Grape Fruit. It smells yummy, adds a little gloss AND keeps my poor lips from chapping and drying out. Also always in my bag is NIVEA Lip Care ESSENTIAL for when my mouth feels like I've drank sand! I also like that balms are more boyfriendly than the above options. The male members of our species gets chapped flaky lips to and its just as unattractive on boys.. Blistex has devloped a Blistex Advance which is a clear non glossy lip balm that tastes pretty darn good. Pictured Below :)

Other ways to keep your lips kissable and gorgeous include Exfoliating regulary (once a week is plenty) using a Lip Scrub like the ones available here: [Link] Make your own at home such as these: [Link] or using an old tooth brush and some moisturiser and gently brush away the dead skin and then follow up with a good dose of lip balm.Also make sure you are drinking enough water. Your lips and under your eyes are two of the places dehydration shows the most!

So lovelys what do you do to keep yourself kissable? Anything products you cant live without? Spill!

Love and Obsessions

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  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
    thank you

  2. This is such an important post! I never look after my lips, they are constantly chapped or peeling. I need to buy a lip exfoliator, I didn't even know they existed! Blistex is my friend, but that Body Shop lip stain looks nice.

  3. Alicia: The lip stain is really nice and it tastes rather yummy! If your lips crack alot you might need to look into a heavier lip balm to like the Nivia one I mentioned :)



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