Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love and Lust Haves #9

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Happy Wednesday Lovely Ladies & Gorgeous Gents. 

Welcome to the fortnightly (or so) round up of things I love and things I am lusting after!  Round ups includes everything from shoes, gadgets, food, and more. Read Previous Love and Lust Haves [Here] or click on the "Love and Lust Haves" tag at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar :) 

1.No Fault Coat from Modcloth

I really need a new winter coat and this one from modcloth is bright and tickles my fancy. Sadly out of stock though :(
I have never linked software before but handy little application is saving me loads of time and I no longer have to email pictures to myself! Described as having a magic pocket for your computer , drop files into the folder on one computer and access them on multiple computers or your iPhone. Works on Mac and PC. With everything from text files, PDF, JPG to MP3s and More! the first 2gig is free and if you need more than that there is a month subscription set up. 
3.Light Diffusing Foundation by Napoleon Perdis 
I Dropped my last bottle and cracked it (thankfully it was nearly finished) love this stuff! Brilliant coverage and evening power and doesn’t melt off by the end of the day! 
4.Jelly Joy Sticks
My Current Addiction! Thanks to the BF who brought them home from Woolworths! Basically they are what the name says. Jelly in a stick (or tube) Lots of different flavours, no fridge or waiting required! YUM!
5.Subliminal Eyechart T-shirt from Headline Shirts 
Im turning into a serious optical geek (to add to my net, font and design geeky hats.. oh my) I love this shirt. mimicking an eye chart it just makes me squee!
6.Rompis Post Its from Kikki-K
I love post its and while the yellow ones are classic these blue ones have elephants! To Cool! The range also features diaries invites and more!

7.Post Secret Book from Amazon.
I love Post Secret and still have yet to buy one of the books. I am not to keen on the current books subject so I think I will buy one of the older ones to start with! 
8.WTF Cushion  from Think Geek
Also in OMG and LOL versions (of course) these would go perfectly with the twitter cushions I featured as the header of my Addicted to Twitter Post [here]
9.Tuxedo Flats from Whittner 
These are so cute! I need new flats for winter. Its just ridiculous for me to keep wearing sandals in the cold! These would have a very good home in my collection!
So Lovelies,

What are you loving this week? and What are you lusting after?
Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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