Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Link Love #8

Boogie Boogie Hedge Hog. Never Fails to make me giggle! Check out Parry Gripps other videos all based on popular youtube videos. Hamster on a Piano and Cat Flushing a Toilet are also classics (yes I do have to much time on my hands why do you ask?

Below are more things I am loving and and thus linking this week!
I stumbled across this great fashion site and virtually wandered for hours. Shoes, clothes, accessories from every corner of the globe. A bit like esty combined with lookbook. Lovely eyecandy!
Real Women Via Already Pretty
Great Blog Entry from Already Pretty. Sal is one of my favourite bloggers. Her sense of style and pragmatic realism is awesome. This article made me bounce up and down, clap my hands and say yes yes yes! Everything about Sals blog is awesome including the name which says it all “Already Pretty” 
A Gorgeous site for data junkies who love seeing different ways that information can be visualized. Filled with different information graphics on everything from rising sea levels to The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions. Which is personally my favourite! I spent hours just browsing through the archives. 
An Oldie but a goodie. Never fails to make me giggle at least once. New York is Quintessential awesome and exotic weird, wonderful and strange! 
What about you lovelies?  What links would you like to share this week? Hit me up in the comments! Pretty Please? Share something Awesome and I might just link it in my next Link Love (with full credit of course!) 
Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict! 

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