Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work Style in Progress

Recently my work has changed its dress code, they want us to dress more professionally. I am struggling with this as I don’t fit into any of my old professional clothes, my style has also changed drastically since I was last expected to dress in Office casual and I while I understand dressing professional is expected I don't want to go completely boring!! 
So I decided to take my frustration to polyvore! Here is what I came up with. I don't actually own any of the items but it was more a creative exercise to see if I could find things I could see myself wearing!  So these are outfits I wish I could A) afford! B) Pull Off and C) Am fairly certain I could wear to work... with a little tweaking!
Cowl Me: 

I love blazers and if I had my way would own one in every colour of the rainbow and in multiple styles (cropped, “boyfriend etc etc) but alas I own few! This look is simple with basic pencil shirt and blazer with a lovely cowl necked t-shirt. 
I made it funkier with some patterned tights and the acessories (the earrings has one tiny pair of glasses which appeals no end to the optical geek in me!) Pearls to add some class (because whats classier than pearls) I want to integrate my work and play wardrobes (to expensive to maintain two separate ones!) An option I could probably actually wear to work (albeit cheaper options) barring the tights in that particular pattern as tiny bows aren’t professional enough for work. Perhaps micro fishnets instead.... *ponders* 
Lime Sublime

This outfit is pretty conservative.  Relying on shape and colour to create interest rather than  massive statement pieces. I love the bow shoulder detail on the shirt. The full skirt would create a nice balanced look and paired with simple colour matched jewelry and tiny little flowers in the hair I think the effect would be a simple pulled together look. With a coat to throw on to keep warm on the way home! 
Tangerine Dream

I Love the colour of this shirt. It is bold and deep tangerine colour. I have a weakness for all shades of peach, orange and any shade in between. I swear I choose to work at my company because their main colour is orange! I kept the rest of the look super simple the to offset the super bold statement wearing orange makes. Matching flats and jewelry paired with a black long line cardi and black dress pants; this is totally an outfit that I could wear to work! Its utterly perfect for the office and without the cardi, adding a pair of heels you could even wear this to a fancy dinner! 
What about you lovely ladies (and gents) out there? What do you wear to work to break up the boredom? Do you bother or do you just go crazy on the weekend? 
Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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