Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love and Lust Haves #6

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  • Victorian Steampunk Pendant Necklace from LondonsGate
I have an affection for all things steam punk. But most of the gorgeous pieces are out of my reach including this one by LondonsGate but its still gorgeous.$35 US Dollars will get your this beautiful pendant. Check out the rest of the store for more prettyness!

  • Custom Made Converse:
I designed my pair to match my blog but the options are almost infinate! Expect a blog post completely consistanting of shoes sometime soon!

  • Colored FLOPPY DISK Notebook from heavensentcrafts
Another Etsy Find this time from heavensentcrafts store. A cute little Yellow Notebook made with Floppy discs! Geeky Chic!

  • My Dream is to Cut All Ties with Civilization but Still be on the Internet T-shirt
So true!! Hermitage is tempting some days! Design by Chris Murphy.

  • Specs from Spec Savers
I really need new reading glasses and when I have the cash I'm going colourful and funky over boring and functional. These pairs found at Spec Savers where my Mother and Sister both just got new glasses from.

  • Longline satin burlesque corset from Fairy Goth Mother
I love love love corsets and Fairy Goth Mother has a gorgeous variety of breath taking corsets. Unfortunately very pricey and in the UK! Still beautiful *drools*

  • Kitten! from Nature
I fell in love with a kitten at the pet store and now dream of having another cat... however I already have three so I cant have any more but still LOVE!

  • Cortex Hair Staightener soon from the Best BF EVER
I broke my hair straightner. Dropped it and cracked the ceramix plate. My boyfriend works at a hair salon (not as a hair dresser) and when he saw he offered to buy me a new better straightner! Such a gem! So a Cortex Hair Straightner is in the works for me soon. I shall review it when I get it!

  • Coraline Book by Neil Gaimen.
I really want to read the book before I go and see the movie. Gotta get my hands on a copy! I love Neil Gaimen and I know that the book will be awesome!

So My loves what are you dreaming and wishing for this week?

Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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