Saturday, August 1, 2009

Custom Converse Creations.

Before I show you the creations I have made with the Converse Custom Creator I will say they are not available for international shipping.

So unless you are in the USA or have a friend who will ship them to you or try a service such as MyUS. They allow you to ship things to their address and then for a fee forward it to you! Awesome much!

I have only made 5 out of the dozen or so options of shoes but if I did all of them I wouldn't get this post done til next week so I stopped at 5!

Click pics to enbiggen!
Style: Jack Purcell CP Canvas
Colours: Red, Blue Curacao and Black
I would buy these to go running in cause the funky colour combo would make me want to wear them as much as possible!

Style: All Star Hi Double Upper Canvas
DewBerry, Dark Purple and Black
I would wear these with a fairy skirt and have a picnic in the park. Interesting looking and Uber Comfort.. Brilliant!

Style: All Star Hi Tops Canvas
Colours: Dark Purple, Buttercup and Black.
I would wear these to a job interview at a design company with Black Shorts, Purple Tights, Purple Tank Top and a Yellow Waist Coat and Bowler hat. Classic Converse.

Style: Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Canvas
Colours:Pink, Chocolate and Off White
I would wear these with Jean cut offs and a cute t-shirt and matching knee hi socks to an amusement park or the circus. Hair in pig tails and candy pink lip gloss!

And Lastly.

Style: All Star X Hi Canvas
Colours: Dresden Blue, Moonlight Blue, Navy and Off White.
I would wear these to the movies with Long Shorts and Oxford Pattern socks, Arm warmers and Blue Streaks in my hair.

So my Pretties how would you wear my creations? Or show off your own!!!
Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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