Sunday, July 19, 2009

Geeky Style "Girl" and "Guy" Versions.

I was informed that my Fashion Articles so far are sexist as they only featured looks for girls! Whoops! Sorry guys. So I decided to create a bunch of looks in a "Girl" and "Guy" Version Mainly because I couldn't find a lot of unisex stuff out there. It was a challenge to keep the looks consistent but interesting while still making them wearable.

Using A T-shirt as a base for both the "Girl" and "Guy" versions I worked to find comparable items for each set. All the T-shirts are from Think Geek and on my Wish list!

First Up:

"You Never Forget your first Doctor" Shirt as a base. I love this shirt with a passion being a MASSIVE Doctor Who fan. My Favourite part of this outfit is the Chucks and the "Girl" versions Jacket. That Jacket = Major lust for me! Please note I accidentally used Kids Chucks in these Sets but they do come in Adult Sizes!

The "Girl" version has a bit more zaniness to it due to the tights but if your not a zany person you could lose the coloured tights for plain ones. The "Guy" version is a slightly more complex version of the Basic "Guy" Look and could be added to with a coloured shirt under the Tshirt or by adding shorts and knee high socks to the look.

Second Up:

For the Firefly Fans out there a "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" shirt. Wanted to add some of the feel of Firefly in the outfit, those the leather and cowboy-ish feel! The boots in these outfits are the "Girl" and "Guy" version of the Frye Engineer Boot. Accents of Gold to match the brown shirt and the boots make this a really handsome outfit whether worn by a girl or guy and I love the leather bag! I already own the City Of Angels Ring in Silver and its beautiful!

I think the "Guy" version ended up looking more Tailored while the "Girl" Version is a lot more flowy but if your a Girl who loves Tailored you could always wear similar pants to the "Guy" version and I have seen some Guys rocking a Flowy Cardigan!

and Third:

A Self Maintenance shirt forms the base item along with a pair of Classic High Top Converse All Stars.. I wanted to Match the colours of the chucks throughout the outfit without making it look really crowded . So I added Teal and Red accessories and tried to keep the feel of the outfit the same for both "Guy" and "Girl". The "Guy" Version of the outfit has less colour due to not being able to find as much to match. But as with all the outfits you could mix and match the accessories around to your liking.

So What do you peoples think? Ever Steal things from your Brothers/Sisters or BF/GF wardrobe?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

Please Note I have used "Guy" and "Girl" in quotation marks since the outfits are based on traditional "Girl" "Guy" Stereotypes. However I have seen many a Guy rock a skirt and lots of Girls kick arse in Guys Jeans and a Waist Coat.

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