Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Love and Lust Have #5

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1. I got a set of poi for christmas from my BF and I love them to death but always forget to practice so I am not very good but I would love these light up poi from flow toys! Might get to me to practice more :)
2. I love this face scrub from 10.0.6 It seems amazing and has done great things for my skin. Gotta buy myself some more as I've run out!
3. My BF bought a Beta Fish (Fighting Fish) recently and it lives at this house. They are really pretty and relaxing to watch.. to Bad I have cats!
4.Micro Mini Top Hat from from Etsy Seller candygears. I have been invited to a Burlesque party later this year and I would love a top hat like this to wear to it! (Photos from the party may not be work safe people just warning you!)
5.2UNFOLD multi-use laptop bag is a drool worthy leather creation that I am currently lusting over despite not owning a laptop!
6.Candy Coloured Converse? Oh yes please. So Cute!
7.An RSS Cushion is one of the offerings from craftsquatch are super cute and really net geeky. Not sure if I want a Twitter or an RSS.. maybe both!
8. I Left it on the toast toaster. Concept design that is really clever if not practical!
9. You never forget your first doctor T-shirt from Think Geek. I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan so no way I could pass up this shirt!

What are you loving and lusting over at the moment poppets? Share in the comments and don't forget to Stalk me On Twitter

Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict


  1. mini top hat= uber cute!!!!!!!

    I designed on but never made it ahah.

    OHHHH and that cushion! I hear they have facebook and twitter versions too?


  2. That cushion reminds me of these:

    As a Mac user, I'd like the whole set... :D especially the iTunes one!

  3. Ok, that toaster may be the coolest thing ever.
    I'd cover it with some terrible drawings, like stick horses and what not.
    It would be awesome!
    Mmm... toast.

    I did not know you were a Doctor Who fan. Oh, David Tennent as the Doctor?
    Yes, I do not like David Tennant as the Doctor. He is way too quirky. Try and tone it down there matey.
    Also don't get me started on the whole Doctor and Rose thing. No. Simply No.
    Tom Baker is my favourite. Eventually I'll have a Tom Baker-esque Doctor Who scarf... if my sister ever finishes it. We are up to two years now that she has been making it.
    Thankfully, I have her boyf on my side who conveniently reminds her all the time to finish it.



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