Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Link Love #3

Hello All,

This is up later than intended due to technical issues :( However without further ado here are some links I am loving this week.

Penn and Teller on Twitter (Seperately OMG)

IFB: You Just Dont Compare- A great article on self esteem. Cheered me right up

Gen Y in the work force: Really interesting article on how Gen Y is different from the Baby Boomers in the workplace and why workplaces need us :)

Flickr 'Smile": Searching for random words on Flickr and getting cool results

Down the Rabbit Hole: These Photos at Haute Macbre from Tim Burtons version of Alice in Wonderland (Image above is from the same set) Johnny Depp as the mad hatter *drools*

Speaking of Haute Macbre I am really digging this post on Harnesses (NSFW LINK!). More Harnesses can be found at Kingdom of Style YUMMY.

Installation art of an excavator burying itself! Created by Aussie artist in Denmark.

This sad but awesome story of how Pixar flew a DVD copy of their newest still in cinemas movie Up to a dying little girl because it was her last wish!

This Gorgeous image on Le Love. Say it with me AWWWWWW

What would happen if pacman joined twitter? This

Check out Felicia Days (from Dr Horrible and The Guild) GORGEOUS birthday cake (She is also on twitter here) I has such a crush on this girl its not funny!

The Big Picture: Amazing High res photos showing recent events around the globe.

So what are you loving on the net this week? Fill me in and Link Me up!

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

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  1. Linkage, I do love some linkage, though this is on the side-->
    It doesn't get enough love, Cake Wrecks is a brilliant site.
    It is hilarious and always makes me laugh, often actually outloud which is a rarity when I'm on the internet.

    www.passiveagressivenotes.com is always good for some hilarity. If I get time I'll find some quality ones to link for you.

    This isn't so much an actual link, but linkage on wiki is always good fun. The whole find a random topic and then see where you get to. Learning many things, and I do love me some knowledge. IMBD Triva Pages is good for the same thing.

    www.overheardinnewyork.com is also good, it is hilarious, there is Overheard in the Office, which is just as good, I might prefer it.
    I love that the MX has started an overheard on the train section. One day you and I are gonna end up on that.



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