Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Survive a Cold

Sorry for the lack of Blog Posts people. I managed to catch a cold from my partner and it has developed into a chest infection! Lots of money on medication later and I'm the road to recovery! So I thought I would compile my list of ways to survive a cold!

1. Hire/buy/rewatch some DVDs such as a TV series you love and curl up on the lounge or in bed. Day time television is not something you want to inflict upon your sick self. Alternatively curl up with a book.

2. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your body fight off the icky germs. Water is best and Tea with Honey will also help ease a sore throat.

3. Being sick is the ultimate excuse to sleep in and take Nana naps. Curl up all warm and cosy and let your body duke it out with the sickness while you are in dream land.

4. When you nose ends up feeling like your using sandpaper instead of tissues (remember that stupid TV ad...) and it will no matter how expensive the tissue, use some unscented lip balm to ease the soreness. Also use the lip balm on your lips to keep them from drying out as well.

5. Invest in some of those exorbitantly expensive tissues that are 3 ply and soft. When you are blowing your nose every other minute your nose will thank you and it will keep the soreness at bay for longer than cheap stuff.

6. Buy some Cold and Flu Tablets from the chemist (be care to check your not on any medication that reacts though!) It won’t cure you but it will make things more bearable and is worth it just to feel slightly better.

7. Don’t stay in your PJ’s all day. It’s tempting but make sure you have a shower or bath and get dressed. Dress in your most comfy house clothes (that pair of track pants at the back of your wardrobe, slippers and an over sized t-shirt work great) Even dressed in comfy clothes you’ll feel more human.

8. Take Vitamin C and Echinacea. Both are recommended to help fight of colds.

9. Have a bath. The steam will help with the clogged up feeling in your head and the warmth will help ease the ache of your muscles.

10. Lastly If you are still feeling sick after 2 days and aren’t improving see a doctor pretty please! It could be something more serious like a chest infection and you might need antibiotics to get over it. This goes double if you have asthma!

So my loves, how are you surviving the Cold and Flu season. Any tried and true ticks on how to avoid the dreaded cold or how to survive it if your not crafty enough to avoid it?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

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