Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Endure Dress Shopping

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I recently had to go shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding. The first time I went was a study in frustration. Not only could i not find a dress but trying on dresses was time consuming because I hadn’t planned ahead. So for my next trip I sat down and worked out how to make my shopping trip less of a hassle and here is what I came up with.

  • Figure out what you want. Sounds simple A Dress! Then you consider things like length, colour and warmth factors. It’s considered inappropriate to wear black or white to a wedding. Floor length was to formal and any short than just above the knee and I wouldn’t be comfortable. I also wanted to make sure it was wearable with a cardigan preferably something I could wear again.
Trying on dresses means you are going to need to get practically naked. Make sure you are wearing a strapless bra as I discovered most dresses have really thin straps or are strapless.
  • Wear as few layers as possible. Having to try and 10 on dresses means having to get undressed 10 times so Wear a shirt you can pull over your head, An easy to take off skirt or Jeans (no belt) and slip on and off shoes (no boots or shoes with laces)
  • If you are going to wearing a cardigan with your dress take that with you (or wear it) so you can try it on with varies dresses. Going to be wearing tights under the dress? Wear those so you can get an accurate idea about whether the dress will look decent or stupid.
  • Try on as many dresses as you need to til you find one you like. If you find one that is perfect you love omg YOU MUST HAVE IT! BUY IT! Dont try on another 100 dresses trying to find one just as good.
  • Stick to your price range. Dont try on dresses out of it unless you are prepared to pay that price. Why? If you find a dress you love but its out of your price range you shall break your own heart AVOID this!
  • Take a Friend with you to do up zippers and make sure they are honest enough to tell you if you look terrible in it.
  • If you like a dress but arent sure, Take a photo (you may have to be sneaky) and sleep on it.
  • Not sure its appropriate for the occasion? Ask the sales lady in the store they are great at this. If the dress your wearing isnt appropriate (to short/long/wrong colour etc) they can usually point you in the right direction.

  • What do you wear dress shopping lovelys?

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