Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding Joy

Image: Miss Addict
If you watch the news you know the world is kinda gloomy at the moment. With the GFC happening, environmental issues, disasters every other week not to mention swine flu panic its hard to go about your day feeling chipper. So after giving it some thought I came up with some ways to find Joy in your life that work for me :)

1. Stop watching the News. Seriously its depressing! If you want to keep up with whats happening in the world Log on the a newspaper online or set up a news feed in your RSS. This means you get less sensationalist news and allows you to pick and choose what you read about.

2. Find a website that unfailingly makes you smile. Visit it whenever you are feeling down. I personally suggest either Lolcats or Loldogs depending on your preference. Giggle away at the cootness!

3. Interact with people. Twitter is a great way to interact with people and I personally get endless enjoyment out of watching tweets float past updating me on how peoples days are going. Sometimes the most random Tweets will make my day.

4. Sleep in once in a while. Curl up under the covers either by yourself or with a partner and snuggle in. Make plans, day dream, plot world domination and enjoy the feeling of being lazy once in a while.

5. Stay up late and star gaze, Grab a friend, a picnic blanket and lie back and try and find all those constellations. Personally I can only find the Southern Cross but its still fun to lie there and look up.

6. Cuddle Someone. Whether you cuddle your boyfriend/girlfriend, your cat/dog or just hugs your mum goodbye cuddles are one of the best ways to show affection and to feel loved.

7. Take the time to see the Joy in your life. Whether it be in the form of your family, friends, music, exercise or art. Take time out and realise that there are good things in the world.

8. Plan a get together with people you dont see very often but still love to pieces. Some of the people I love the most are people I rarely see or would rather see more often. A prime example is my best friend who I used to work with and see every day, now since I lost my job I see him less than once a week but the time I do get to spend with him is so much more special now.

9. Look after yourself. Winter is the prime time for getting sick with things like the flu (Swine or normal) so rug up warm and eat lots of fruit and vegies! I cheat by buying a Boost Juice Smootheie with Vitamin boost in it.

10. Smile at random people on the street. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling when people smile back

Well my lovelys what do you do to find joy in your every day ? Let loose in the comments and tell me what im missing :)

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict


  1. AHHA I laughed. You succeed in making me laugh.

    Yes twitter makes me joyful and happy but I also never get my homework done...


  2. Yay for making you laugh.

    I find twitter super distracting when I am trying to do stuff to but thats part of its joy :)

  3. I'm going to try make this look spam, it;s not working.

    Random blogs are great, and the linkage from here are great.

    Shiving people is not good.
    This hard to do while on the phone.

    Yay Laser tag!



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