Monday, June 22, 2009

Flash Games Addiction!

Picture By /Francesca

Im not really one for video games. My sister currently holds the reigning title of "Queen of Playstation and Xbox" in my house. However I personally love flash games. Utterly love them. I get sucked in and will emerge hours later trying to figure out how I managed to lose 5 hours of my life. So I thought I would share with you the games that I am currently playing to distraction. Play at your own risk!

This is the lol cat game. Use the cats tail to aim and slingshot the cat towards fud. Earn extra points by collecting cheese burgers and balls of yarn.
I discovered this game last week and played for hours. Getting frustrated with levels I couldn't get past and rejoicing when I beat them! I promptly got a friend of mine obsessed too and we sat chatting backwards and forwards about how we were doing for hours enjoying the incredible cuteness that is a zooming cat looking for Fud.
Addiction Level: 8

I first got addicted to this game back in high school and found it again a couple of weeks ago thanks for a fellow addicted friend. Match jewels to get points. You can play beat the clock or regular untimed games. A very easy way to pass the time. Not as cute as Nom Nom Nom 4 Fud but a decent way to distract yourself while you wait for something to download.
Addiction Level 5

Like a game of ping ball with a cannon. Extremely hard but satifying when it does what you want. Hit all the targets by rebounding the ball in the right direction. I found this one after I finally got bored with BeJewelled and finally went looking for something else to play. Cute Name, Addictive Game.
Addiction Level: 7

I have been playing this game for years. I am shocking at it but I love it all the same! Hit a penguin as far as you can playing a baseball bat swinging Yeti. Again with the addictive. Of course penguin lovers might want to skip this one!
Addiction Level: 6

All Screen Shots are captured from original game sites.

What games are you addicted to? Any games you have loved for years and years that never seem to get old? Anything Im missing out on? Lemme know in the comments!

Love and Addictions I'm off to play Num Num Num 4 Fud!

Miss Addict!

I must say a very special thank you to Adam who has been testing games along with me the last couple of days. I got him horridly addicted to Nom Nom Nom 4 Fud. Sorry Hun! ( he is much better at it than me so I dont feel that guilty!)


  1. Oh dude, this is my kind of post!
    For the dog lover, there is also the Dog nom nom for fud.
    I played that, it was fun. Cute.

    I'm a tetris fan, how can you go past tetris?
    I particularly love the Facebook version that allows the competitive streak reign amongst friends, but there is also Tetris Friends Beta on Facebook that is a battle it out with sending lines when you get combos and Tetris, it's great. Love it!

    I used to play Collapse a lot, which is the regular three of a colour blocks, try and clear the screen.

    There is a Rocket Game (Rocket Mania) thing on yahoo that I kicked arse at, gotta link the pipes from the flame to the fireworks to make them go off and there's a time limit and more rockets in each round. Great game, I think yahoo had a limit of 10 stages, but I used to play it without a limit and it could take me half an hour for one go. Great game. Man, you are gonna get me addicted again Lex!
    Just to share it round... (so I can't link properly) Popcap, have some other good addictive flash games as well.

    And finally, for the penguin lover, who doesn't want to swing batter with them...
    Damn, I can't find that game. Which is a shame, I used to love it so much.

    This took like an hour to post because I was distracted by all the flash games.


  2. Hi

    There is a good site that has flash games. A pretty good game of theirs is spinball once you are past the first few levels it can get pretty addictive. It can be found at I have found myself sitting there for hours trying to get through a level

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