Friday, April 10, 2009

a twitter over Twitter

I love twitter, not surprising considering I have it linked in the side bar to the right. I just find the concept extremely cool. Similar to the idea of Facebook and MSN status’s. Twitter seems to be one of those thing you either love or hate. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between on the matter. This Tweet addict falls in the former camp!

Dozens or more articles have been written about Twitter, from calling it "one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet" and "the next killer app" to accusing it of being just another tool of Gen Y's obsession with being connected to other people constantly.

Twitter asks the question "what are you doing now?" ... though some people ask "what’s the point?"

Twitter is about communication and social interaction.I use twitter on a daily basis, whether from my phone or from my computer.
Its makes it easy to keep track of cool people around the world as well as real world friends.

Tweeting is fun, easy, simple and just plain addictive. Looking back over my Tweeting history I realized I tend to post randomly disconnected thoughts and facts bout my everyday life rather than actually answer the question "what are you doing?" In the less than two weeks the account has existed it (I created it to go with this blog:P) I have tweeted 108 times and I don’t Tweet anywhere near as often as some!

A lot of celebrities have started using twitter as a way of connecting with fans although sometimes they are updated by a staffer and not by the celebrity themselves. Hugh Jackman and Britney Spears are two who have been proved to use staff members to update twitter rather than think up 140 characters on their own. However Stephen Fry, Felicia Day, Adam Savage, Demi Moore and others have all been proven to be actually updated by them.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get the point of twitter. Twitter has also been used by Journalists as a forum to request questions and input from the public during interviews and panels.

Twitter gives you an immediate and easy way interact with those who you follow and those who follow you.

Stephen Fry who has 395,815 followers does respond to his fans on occasion and is an absolute delight to follow though I think the man might be a tiny bit obsessed with twitter but given his addiction to all things gadget I'm not surprised. Felicia Day recently posted on her blog:

"I guess having over 300,000 followers on Twitter can be a good and bad thing. The bad is I can’t possibly follow or know each and every person who follows me, but the good is that when I get so many insanely smart and wonderful responses to things I tweet."

Twitter only has a point if you do when using it. It’s a great tool for social interaction and for anyone who just likes to put a piece of themselves online for no other reason than to be apart of the communication experiment.

Cool People on Twitter:

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Miss Net Addict: [Link] (had to put myself in there lol)

Remember Kids: Once the internet has it you cant get it back! Dont Drink and Tweet!

Independant Fashion Bloggers Article on Twitter for Bloggers: [Link]

Love and Obsessions!

Miss Addict

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