Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to be a good commenter!

Also known as: How to not look like a dumbarse on the Internet.

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I comment on blogs I like fairly often. One thing I have noticed is a lot of people don't seem to have any kind of manners on the Internet when it comes to comments. So I have to put together a a simple Dos and Donts of commenting. The same rules can be applied to forums as well.

  • Format your reply so its easy to read. Perfect spelling, grammar etc are nice but no one is perfect. However Wall'o'text, ALL CAPS, and unreadable spelling is extremely irritating to readers! Many browsers have spell check in built and make life a little easier for everyone!
  • Make sure your post Relevant. Add a personal story that relates to the post, link to something that relates, empathise with the post author on the subject. Constructive criticism is also acceptable (emphasis on constructive)
  • Read the other comments in the thread if possible. If there are 100s of comments this is obviously a lot harder but If there are10 other comments don't just scroll down to the bottom, read the other comments to see if your point has been made. If it has expand on their comment or reference their comment in yours. Ignoring other commenters shows a lack of respect for their presence.
  • Come back to see if the Post Author or other commenter's have replied to your comment. If you are especially interested some blogs/forums have the ability to have new responses to your comment emailed to you or have a separate RSS thread for the Comments section. Comments sections are great ways to form Internet friendships with people who have common interests and blog authors often enjoy responding to people who comment on their blogs.
  • Check if the website has a commenting policy. Some bloggers have taken the time to explicitly spell out what is and isn't allowed in their comments sections. Respect their policy or expect to get your comment deleted and possibly be banned from commenting again.

  • Be rude hateful or nasty. Its like the old rule: "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything" Bloggers are putting themselves out there and not everything they write is going to appeal to you. If you don't like it move on to another page of the infinite Internets
  • Post links to your blog/website and nothing else. Most blogs (including mine) include a Website Section. That is where your blog link goes. By all means put it there since the Author might want to check out what you do (links to nasty material is not cooland is considered a dick move.. don't do it)
  • Swear without purpose. Like in real life dropping the F-word into everyday conversation is considered a fairly impolite. Rule of thumb. Ifou wouldn't say it on Public transport don't say it in the comments.
  • Attack other commentors or blog author on a personal level. Debates in comments sections are common and as long as everyone is civil and sticks to the point they can be a productive exercise but the second you start insulting their looks/gender/sexual orientation/intelligence/religion or refer to Hitler in any way you have made yourself look like an arse and made sure that no one will take you seriously.
  • Post pointless comments."First post/comment" comments are pointless and simply take up space on the page.
The golden rule of commenting is this: If you wouldn't walk into someones home and say it to their face then you shouldn't say it in their blogs comments.

What do you think lovelys? Anything you would add or subtract from the rules? Any experiences with horrid commenter's you want to get off your chests?

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  • Miss Addict
p.s The Kitteh in the picture is Arabelle. She lets me feed and pat her.


  1. Good rules -- I love the anti-"first" rule. Those things drive me crazy, especially when you have to read ten of them that weren't even first! Argh!

  2. Nice to know its not just me who is frustrated by this! :)



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