Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love and Lust Haves! #2

Exploding Mantle Clock by Roger Wood
Gorgeous design, Offbeat and Beautiful. When I have a house a clock my Roger Wood will adorn my mantle I assure you!

USB Cup Warmer from Geek Gear

I often make myself a cup of hot milo/coffee/tea and then forget to drink it as I get absorbed into something so this would solve that problem nicely! Gadgets FTW!

Harajuku Arm Warmers from Sock Dreams
I could quite happily own just about anything on the Sock dreams website but lately it has been getting chilly here and I find myself longing for a pair of colourful arm warmers... also fingerless gloves! This pair comes in a delightful array of colours and dont cost the earth!

Purple Coat
The one pictured is from H&M. I have a perfectly servicable black coat but I long for bright colours and for some reason a purple coat is my deepest wish for this winter!

Motherboard Mirror by Romolo Stanco
I love mixing practical with geeky and this fits the bill. I personally would just to brush my teeth in front of this piece of art everyday!

Amusement Park Rides - Photo By Me.
I recently went to Luna Park again. I used to work there and I had forgotten how much I love rides. The exhilaration that comes from spinning around wildly is just to much fun! Also I kick arse at Bumper Cars!


I have fallen in love all over again with Polyvore while I have started plotting out items I want to add to my winter wardrobe. Seeing how different people use the same article is amazing! Great fun to play with and rather Addictive I have to warn you!

Flowers by Kenzo

I bought this perfume in Thailand and wore it sparingly since it was very expensive. Then I lost it when I moved house and just found it again. Wearing it reminds me of my holiday in thailand and how much fun I had, how amazing the people are and how much I want to go back there!

Wall E by Pixar

I love this movie beyond words. My Boyfriend is very patient with me when I watch it at least once a week and has since bought me A plush doll of Wall E, dye cast metal figures of the characters. and the Playstation game. Possibly the cutest and most adorable movie ever with a nice theme and plenty of Awww moments!

What are you loving and lusting over right now? What gorgeous/geeky/fun things are tickling your fancy this week?

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