Friday, April 3, 2009

Blogging bout Robots.

Photo by brenda

I have come across alot of Robot news things week. I find the concept of Robots extremely interesting and thought I would share some things I found, cool, weird, wacky and a little creepy.

Gardening Robot

First up on our robot tour we have the Gardening Robots. Repurposed (and heavily modified) Roomba Vacum cleaners have been tending a garden at MIT in the US. They Feed Water and Harvest tomato plants. They hope to create a completely automated green house some day... I think my mum could use one of these to help her in the garden sometimes since she has so little time!

Photo by mr_tentacle
Hexapod Dance Competition

I came across this a while ago and the video is utterly mesmirising. The video is of a Hexapod Dance Competition in Austria. Hexapods are 6 legged robots. The nexcompetition is being held on April 16th. Cannot wait to see what people come up with this year! ... Sad to say these robots dance better than me....

Big Dog Military Robot

Big Dog is a Military Robot that has had $10 Million dollars go into its design. It can climb jump and carry 154 kilos (340 pounds) Epppp! It almost seems like a very strange (albiet headless) animal and watching it nearly fall over made me feel sorry for it!

Mind Reading Robot
A robot developed by honda is capable by being controlled just by thought. Wearing a sexy (not!) skull cap with a butt load of senses in it the robot responds to certain thoughts and acts accordingly... All in all a really cool concept... Hopefully being able to control other things with my mind is not far away.. like the coffee maker at 6am.

And last watch out Super Models.
Fashion Model Robot

The HRP-4C, is a fashion model robot. Created in japan by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology she can walk, bow and pose. She also has facial expressions. I'm not sure if she will ever be more popular than real live human beings but as a novelty she is extremely interesting... if kinda creepy sorry to say.

Enjoy the links and please post any cool robot articles videos and pics of your own :)

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

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