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A little Schadenfreude in your monday.

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satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone Else's misfortune

Schadenfreude: it's difficult to pronounce and conjures images of horrible witches cackling over crystal balls watching the gorgeous (and of course helpless) princess trip in the Forrest running from her minions ... or perhaps that's just me.

But there is a lot to be said for realising that your not the only one who bad things happen to. Having a little giggle at the youtube video of the Dad getting hit in the balls by his toddler is totally okay and just as therapeutic as watching Cats on treadmills or Hamster on a piano 100 times a day! Perhaps more so. Not being alone in your crappy mood can make it lighter and easier to get on with life without dwelling on the bad stuff.

I'm not talking about laughing when your best friend stacks it down a set of stairs or when you see an old lady struggling with her shopping.

However laughing at simple things like the website "Oh Crap My Parents Joined Facebook" (which lets face it would be fairly horrifying) is a great outlet on a Monday morning when you missed your train, it rained, you forgot your umbrella and that cute guy/girl on the bus saw you drenched from head to toe looking decidedly unsexy and frazzled. After all at least your Mum isnt seeing that photo of you at that party you only kinda remember...

There are a tonne of great websites out there that catalogue the misfortunes of others with humorous intent and submitting something yourself can be a great relief. Take "I bang the worst dudes.. sorry mom" where you can submit a story bout the worst you dude ever .. *ahem* banged along with a photos of the Dude in question (they censor him with a black line) and all anonymously so no one has to know it was you!

I enjoy a little Schadenfreude ... when its done in fun so much that I have a whole category devoted to it in my RSS Reader (labelled unimaginatively Schadenfreude ) Here are a couple of Choice links to get your through a bad day with a giggle and the assurance that its not all that bad, at least you didn't sleep with a guy who likes to be called “Moose” and have his butt spanked "like mom would" [Link]

I Bang the worst dudes ... Sorry Mom!

This website is not very old but has already got some serious attention. Run by "mom" the horror stories will make you realise that your worst boyfriend cannot compare.. or if he can you just post it up here and feel a little better bout the whole sordid affair. Trust me when I say its a great outlet!

Good For: Bagging out that one night stand shamefully sitting like a skeleton in your metaphoric closet without having to admit to your friends you slept with him.

Oh Crap My Parents Joined Facebook

How do you respond to a friend request from your Mum? This site catalogues the funny/embarrassing/plain arkward things parents do on Facebook. I haven't had to deal with Mum on facebook but a friend request from my Boss was a bit odd. I ended up not replying for 6 months until I left the job and then declined it...

Good For: Realising your not the only one who has to be careful on facebook cause Mum or Dad is watching. Also a good reminder not to take those "Purity Test?" quizzes..No one wants their mum asking they have had a threesome.

Said In Bed

The site says "as arkward as the act" as a description. I have to say some of the quotes make me laugh, others make me squirm and some are serious WTF moment.. like this one [Link] Brilliant to read with a friend and laugh til your sides split. Or as a guilty pleasure on your lunch break.

Good For: A laugh and some great brain twisting moments trying to figure out what might have preceded the quote!

My Very Worst Date:

Remember that date where your best friend asked you to ring her and then she pretended her pipes had burst just so she could get away from the loser on the other side of the table? Well if that story isn't up there it would fit right in! A lot of dates don't go well and this website is a chance to wave the experience around in public again behind the veil of Anonymity.

Good For: Stressing yourself out about all the things that could possibly wrong on your date tonight... or for telling world how incredibly wrong your date tonight went. Or just great for a little Schadenfreude in your Monday.

F my life!

When you need a quick "My life isn't so bad" pick me up head to For the moments when nothing else says it the phrase "Fuck my life" exists and now the whole world can enjoy the moment to... would you rather be laughed with or at? Read though a never ending list of FML moments that are little longer than a twitter post.

Good For: Days when you either need to say "Fuck my life" to the whole world and let it out or just realising that other people are having a shit day too

Extra Giggles without the Schadenfreude:
Hamster on a Piano - [Link]
Cat on a Treadmill: - [Link]

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