Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love and Lust Haves!

1. Fun 2 Funky T-Shirt by acrylicana

I have been watching acrylicana on Deviantart from about a year [Link]. Her art is bright colourful and a little offbeat.
I love how cheeky and cute this t-shirt is and how clean the art is. Grab this shirt at Etsy. She also does customer painted shoes and jewelry

2. Platform Pump in Black Patent by Yves Saint Laurent

I have a serious weakness for Black Sky Scraper Heels. These shoes are way way way outside my price range! Such a pity. I have however found a pair very similar that are slightly closer to my price range. Gorgeous and uncompromising style. These shoes say "get out of my way or ill walk all over you" *drool*

3. Swell Vases by Anika Engelbrech

These vases are incredibly clever. So far only a concept work by the designer but I hope that one day I will be able to purchase these creative and beautifully crafted vases!

4. The Super-Secret Spy Lens from PhotoJoJo.

Another clever idea! I realised recently how hard it is to capture candid portraits of people when they know your looking. The Super Secret Spy Lens takes care of this problem. As soon as I can I will be purchasing this cool piece of camera equipment for sure!

5. Apple Mac Book by Apple.

I Want a Macbook for soooo many reasons. They are gorgeous, clever and Light Weight. Again out of my price range (for now) but as soon as I can afford one of these babies I shall be plunking down the money.
The new range of Mac books claim to be more eco friendly too! Which is a rather nice Plus!

6. Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard from Think Geek.

# Amazing illuminated keyboard features 430 LEDs and can dynamically change the color of each key
For my home computer: This fully programmable colour keyboard. Create a rainbow for your fingertips. Also useful for programming in shortcuts you'll remember:) Personally I would probably just programme it to be pretty not useful... But its up to you!

7. Black Bird Earrings by JLynnCreations

I love simple silver jewelry and specially jewelry that's easy to wear and interesting at the same time. These earrings are hand crafted and absolutely Adorable!

8. Latex Pencil skirt by High Gloss Dolls

I love this skirt and just about everything else High Gloss Dolls make. Their website is a delight for the eyes with the product photos looking more like high fashion fetish photo shoots.
This skirt is simple glossy and gorgeous!

9. Status Calender by Burak Kaynak’

I love this idea and its sadly only a concept not real. The calender asks you to answer the question "what you are doing today" Similar to Twitter (which we all know I love) and Facebook status updates.
A great size that would fit perfectly in my handbag! Check out the other projects that Burak has created. His site is a fair amount of fun to poke around on!

What are you Lusting and Loving this week? Geeky Gorgeous or otherwise? Comment and Let me know!

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