Saturday, December 18, 2010

Inspire Me: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway on Mad Men
Lately I have been bored with my regular make up style so I decided to tackle something completely different. I started looking for inspiration on blogs, youtube, celebrity sites and everywhere I went the woman that made me stop and look was Christina Hendricks. 

The first time I saw here was on Firefly as Saffron. I loved her then but as Joan Holloway on Mad Men she is phenomenal. I also love the fact she is a redhead because you don't see to many of those in hollywood or indeed many women at all who look Ms. Hendricks.

 Until two months ago I was rubbish at gel eyeliner but with lots of practice I have gotten better as you can see below. I really enjoyed trying something completely different in terms of my style. I'm wearing lipstick which is a HUGE change for me! Not that long ago I was discussing lipstick with Kim of the amazing Pop Couture (Seriously why are you still here go check her out!) and saying how I never wear them (and her telling me I so should) so I decided with this look to go with Lipstick over Gloss :) 

I wish the pictures showed just how different this is. The eyeliner pops so well and my eyelashes look amazing since I am (for once) wearing more than one coat! Non shiny lipstick is also super different and I rather love the extra colour its given me.

I am no Christina Hendricks that is for sure but I am in love with Gel Eyeliner and am certainly going to do this look again now I have gotten over my fear of eyeliner and lipstick.

What about you lovelies? Do you ever feel like stepping out of your comfy box? Who would you like to look like?

Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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