Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mini Lust Have: Sunglasses

Bvlgari Sunglasses: RRP: $480
Gucci Sunglasses: RPP:$475 

I am currently lusting after these glorious sunglasses. I only own one pair of sunnies despite working in a shop that sells the silly things. 

 They are sitting on the shelves at work and even with my discount I am umming and ahhhing over the price. They look lovely on and I try them on daily. I am so going to give in sometime soon and buy the darn things I bet. I am sick of squinting every time I leave work! 

I am leaning towards the Gucci pair which have limited pieces in Australia and have a very vintage look. What do you think lovelies? Are you currently lusting after things?

Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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