Monday, January 25, 2010

Link Love #7

  • The Mario Kart Love Song: - Link Courtesy of Chevell
I love this song. It honestly makes me tear up listening to it. I love Mario Kart and the fact that someone managed to make such a sweet song about it is just so fantastically geeky how could I not include it in link love?

I have found this very relevant to blogging as well as very funny! And honestly who doesn't love The Princess Bride! Very good article for aspiring bloggers and those of us who are already here. '

Really great honest and slightly brutal rant by the lovely Smaggle about jealously. Some great points! Not geeky but well said!

Post secret has been linked in the sidebar since the blog started but I haven't ever linked to it. I love reading other peoples secrets and always want to submit one of my own. A wonderful project.

Very Funny chart that doesn't really answer the question of whether you should eat that lolliepop you just dropped on the floor...

Some really awesome billboards. Mainly american but shows what lengths advertising companies will go to get our attention!

I am hoping to get my macbook this week or next and this decal is on the top of my possible decal list (if I don't go puritanical and keep it clean and perfect) Love the detail

Sad to say I know the vast majority of these.. and those I didn't I am going to have to and watch the movie it came from so I did!

So what are you loving and linking this week gorgeous ladies and gentlemens?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Addict

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