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How to Survive the Beach.

Images of Miss Addict @ the Beach

I love the beach. I do but being the pasty pale geek that I am me + long term exposure to the elements have some fundamental issues. For a start the sun hates me. I burn in about 5 minute, I really don't like sand all that much and cold water.. eck! But I like swimming! Yes I know weird!

Here how to survive the beach Geek Style!

Prepare Well & Plan Ahead!

I take a beach kit with me. It contains essentials:

For Lying Drying and other assorted towel related activities. Good for staying out of the sand! When shaking out sand take careful note of wind direction and where other people are!

Sun Screen:
This is a must for any pasty geeks stepping foot near the beach!
Apply before getting anywhere near sand!!! 20 minutes before any sun exposure is ideal. Reapply between swimming sessions. WARNING: Sunscreen will not keep providing you with infinite protection, it only EXTENDS your natural protection. When you start burning put on a t-shirt and stay out of the sun! Also rinse yourself clean of sand before reapplying or impromptu exfoliation session of your WHOLE body will ensue! Not pleasant!

Shade umbrella or tent:
To extend your time in the sun and prevent burning bring along an umbrella or shade tent. Practice putting up before you get the beach! Seriously! Put it up in your backyard or your lounge room if its big enough. Repeat until your can do it with ease. Doing it for the first time on sand is a BAD I repeat BAD idea! You will struggle and people will laugh and point.. then hopefully take pity and help... but first laughing and pointing!

Image from Kilkoy
Toss over swimmers for a casual look to wander up to the fish and chip shop or throw over toasty shoulders, legs etc while not in the water. Also good for hiding pasty legs and arms and... in my case well my whole body... seriously I blind people in a bikini! But it doesn't stop me wearing one! I am proud of the pale. When they have wrinkles and skin cancer I will look young and be skin cancer free! HA

Lip balm:
To prevent lips drying out in the surf, apply liberally before and after swimming! Salt water sucks the moisture out of my lips like nothing else so this is an essential for me!

Bring water with you to drink. The sun and heat are going to take a toll quickly!! If so inclined bring a water cooler or esky and pack tasty snacks as well. But drinks loads of water!

Preferably a cheap pair (unlike the pair of Pradas pictured which I am currently drooling over on a daily basis at work! ) that you don't mind getting scratched in the sand or salt water spotted. To keep out the glare and provide sneaky perving opportunities ;)

Comb + elastics:
To control long hair and avoid looking like a see monster. I braid my hair back and comb it before I go home. Letting it dry tangled makes it 100 times harder to get the knots out. If you have really hard to control hair take a leave on conditioner spray to assist.

Change of clothes:
Traveling home in cold wet swimmer is always an uncomfortable experience! Throw in underwear, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or a skirt and your good to travel home in comfort. Also brave the cold shower to rinse off the sand and salt for added comfort!
Yes I took my iPhone to the beach! I tweeted from the beach! I read blog posts at the beach when I wasn't swimming. If you can't stand to be unplugged from the internet (like me) for longer than a couple of hours then a tech device like an iPhone is perfect
Hey I don't call myself Miss Addict for no reason!. Make sure you take precautions against theft. I made sure I could see our tent from the water and kept a pretty close eye on it at all times.

I know it sounds like a lot of stuff but baring the tent/umbrella and the water cooler all of this stuff will fit in one bag with a towel thrown around your shoulders.

I Still Got Burnt!

So you Slip slopped and slapped, reapplied, stayed out if the sun as much as you could and you still got burnt? Ouch!!! Now to help it get better ASAP!

1. Cool shower: to help soothe the skin and reduce the discomfort. Avoid hot or warm showers as this will dry out your skin more! That old wives tale about hot showers is terrible! DON'T DO IT! You wouldn't burn your hand on a stove and put it under hot water so don't do it with sunburn!
2. Take an Anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen: to ease the pain and aid in the healing. Take in the first 12 hours after being burnt, will help with pain and any associated swelling.
3. Moisturiser - personally I use Aloe Vera straight from the plant before I go to bed. It works better than the store bought burn gels because it's 100% pure. Its goopey and kinda gross but it works really really well. This puts moisture that you lost back into the skin and helps ease that tight feeling!
4. Drinks lots of water as dehydration can slow your healing time and your meant to drink 2 liters of water a day anyways!
5. Rest! Your body needs rest to heal so let it do its job!

So lovelies any hints tips or tricks for the beach?

Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict

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