Monday, February 15, 2010

Link Love #7

Photo By Miss Addict

Already Pretty is a constant of awesome. Sal is not only a brilliantly stylish lady but writes really brilliant pieces on body image, self esteem and how fashion interacts with our daily lives. Also she is a big geek and thus has my undying love forever more! I love her particularly helpful piece on belting which I am going to be having a go at ASAP cause I am still stumbling around in the dark there!
Sociological Images is one of my favourite blogs. Im a serious Sociological geek and am in fact looking in going to Uni to study it later this year. This blog points out so many of the things that I miss in daily life and makes me giggle at advertising on a constant basis because its utterly crazy maddening. Eye opening and Geeky in a whole new way!
Lick My Cupcakes: Regular feature here Em from lick my cupcakes went to Disney Land Tokyo! OMG! Its amazing! I stared at those pictures for ages and ages! Gorgeous and utterly child tantrum inducing. I WANNA GO NOW!
Tres Lola is a great blogger I have been following for awhile. This piece is one I am definetely going to be referring to cause I have the work blues! Go read then come back Il wait!
595 Apparently or 2380 Slices... Crazy! Interesting video of someone with way to much time of their hand who spent that time figuring it out!

A Really cool idea via a new blogger I found through twitter. Check out the other posts on this blog as they are all really interesting! Victa has a really nifty view of social media and the internet :) Rather enjoying following him on twitter too I must say :)

What are you loving and linking this week? Share your links in the comments pretty please!

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