Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I Wore: To Work Today

Taken Solely to show off my makeup! 

More photos below the cut :) 

Silly Face oh yeah!
Me looking like a total dork! 

White T-shirt from Jigsaw
Pattern Skirt from Target
Tights from Target
Flowy Cardigan from Jay Jays 
Not Pictured: 
Boots from Somewhere! 
Coat from Jeans West
Scarf from random shop.  
I got my darling sister to take these photos for me when I got home and I had already ditched my shoes, coat and scarf and couldn’t be bothered putting them back on! 
I am trying to be a little more stylish in my work wear rather than just throwing on whatever and I got lots of compliments on my outfit today (basic as it is) so that was rather nice. 
I also spent a rather large amount of money on new makeup today (mainly lip products) which I then got home and promptly tried out so my makeup is freshly done for the photos! 

What are you wearing at the moment lovely?

Love and Obsessions

Miss Net Addict

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