Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love and Lust Haves #10

So I have once again compiled a mental list of things I love and a mental shopping list of things I cannot afford! Links Below! 

[1] Mushroom Coin Purse from Eclectica Clothing 
I am always losing coins in the bottom of my bag and since I catch a bus every day I always need somewhere to keep the mass amounts of $2 dollar coins I constantly have! I think this cutie would do perfectly! Only two left so if you want one too better get in quick! 
[2] Glasses Necklace from Forever 21 
I am obsessed with all things optical and the second I spotted this necklace it was love at first sight (he he he I made a funny) I would wear it every day to work along with the glasses earrings I featured in Work Style in Progress 
[3] Basic Blazer from Bardot 
I need a new basic Blazer! This one is a lovely shape and not out of my price range so may actually be mine sometime soon ... 
[4] Lace Up Boot from Swedish Has Beens
While I am not sure I could work these into my daily style these boots are epically cool! Would love to own a pair just for the sake of owning a pair! Alas a lust because way outside the range of something I would buy just to say I owned!
[5] Travel Mug by PrettyNPreppy (Etsy)
My coffee at work always gets cold because I don’t have time to drink it! This lovely travel mug would solve that problem and look stylish while doing it! 
[6] Absolutely Alice by Opi 
A gorgeous shade of blue that I would only be able to wear on my toes (since work means my fingernails get to damaged!) and no one would see since in winter I live in boots! BUT I don’t care I want it anyways because although the movie wasn’t as magical as I would of liked the visuals were still delicious as this colour! 
[7] Lindt Bunnies! 
Oooh how I love these guys! Not just to eat either. They are gorgeous to look at too! 
[8] Medium Tumbled Leather Hobo Bag from Burberry
I really really want a new bag. This one is gorgeous and I will drool over it for a very long time! If anyone out there loves me enough *puppy dog eyes* 
So lovelies what are you loving and lusting over this week? 

Miss Addict

ps. Tell me what you think of the new link and graphic feature :) 

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