Thursday, March 26, 2009

About Miss Addict

Miss Addict is a City Girl with a love for things geeky, quirky and funky. Bright Colours, and the Internet. She has a perchant for switching between talking in first and third person randomly. She still lives at home with her Mother and Younger Sister. Hobbies include dressing up, taking lots of self portraits, Tweeting Random Details and this Blog.

Age: 22

Location: Sydney Australia.

Why do you call yourself "Miss Addict"?:
Miss Addict is Short for "Miss Net Addict" I consider myself an Internet Addict and Geek and when trying to come up with a suitable Internet Alias Miss Addict Seemed Perfect.

Are you single?
Nope. I have been with my lovely BF for over 2 years. Sorry Ladies and Gentlemens.

Why Did You Start Your Blog?
I started my blog because I needed a hobby and I have loved writing since I was a kid. I kept coming across cool stuff on the net and linking friends to it and eventually I decided I should share it with other people too.

Can I exchange links with you?
Hit me up on Twitter or email me at with a link to your blog/website and I'll have a look. Everything linked in my Sidebar are sites I personally read on a regular basis. If your website fits in that category I will link you.

Got Any Pets?
3 Dogs and 3 Cats. Also I share a Simese fighting fish called Legion with my BF.

Can we be friends?
Add me on Twitter and say Hi or comment on my blog and we'll go from there.

Want to know something else?
Email me at or ask me via Twitter

Love and Obsessions
Miss Addict


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