Sunday, May 23, 2010

Link Love #10

Photo By Xanetia via Flickr

So Its been awhile since I posted. Broken that news years resolution to itty bitty bits :( But I am getting back onto the posting wagon with a brand new Link Love for you all. Featuring Giraffe Pancakes, Laptops as Seismic Sensors and Plenty of other goodness for your clicking pleasure! 
Super Easy and Cute! I do not have any children of my own nor do I live with any but I would be making these for me! Not sure I could bring myself to eat them... Who am I kidding course I could! For more cute pancakes check out the ThePancakeProject Blog

If you are not already reading IFB and you are a blogger you should be! This article shows how important it is to be hooked in to the blogging community! I am not a member of IFB but I do read their RSS feed religiously and I find every article informative and helpful! 
12 utterly stunning examples of body art from Oddee. I can’t imagine how much time and work it takes to paint these pieces. Kudos to both the artists for being able to create such masterpieces and the model for holding still!!! 
By downloading some software that runs in the background you can have your laptop form part of a network that detects earthquakes. Newer laptops like ones made by companies like Apple and Lenovo have senors in them to detect if they have been dropped to switch the hard drive off to protect your data but a clever cookie has come up with a way to use these sensors to detect Earth quakes. If enough people download it hopefully it could form part of an early warning system! Neat huh! 
An awesomely geeky funny and awesome geeky alphabet via Geeks are Sexy. Read it aloud (or in your head whatever tickles your fancy) to add to the extra geekiness! I was left grinning ear to ear after reading this! 
An assortment of SUPER Geeky “fashion” statements. Arguably some of these I would not be caught dead in (You’ll see what I mean) but I am definitely coveting the ‘Fail Whale” necklace! No links sadly at this webpage but should I find where to buy it I shall be in a heartbeat!  
What about you fellow net addicts? What are you loving on the interwebs lately? Found anything worth sharing? 

Love and Obsessions 
Miss Addict

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